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Feel free to browse around! hope you enjoy my gallery!


check out the art from some amazing artists!!! =D=D :iconhappyhappyplz:


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Amaris Wilson
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hello everyone!! :D welcome to my page! feel free to check out my gallery, fav a few pics and add me to your watch list~

Groups of mine:
:iconpokegiiji-kingdom: Please come join!!

my amazing husband :iconblueheartplz: :iconglennfrost::iconblueheartplz:

My little DA family!
i love you guys!!!


DA Buddys!

if i didnt add you on this list and you want to be let me know :)


Some of my accounts:



Current Residence: somewhere!
deviantWEAR sizing preference: don't really wanna say
Print preference: dunno
Favourite genre of music: anything that's ear pleasing
MP3 player of choice: youtube mainly
Shell of choice: 030 turtle shell....
Wallpaper of choice: Pictures that I draw
Favourite cartoon character: I cant answer that!!! ;w;
Personal Quote: Who's the bigger idiot? The idiot or the idiot that married the idiot ? 030


PokeHost: Love Chocholates by Myo-Senpai
PokeHost: Love Chocholates
"The day for lovers!" bi weekly challenge #2 for :iconpokehost:

Rikku will most definitely be giving her darling Kazeshini home made chocolates for valentines day~ <3 After being away for so long she's going to be spending as much time as she can with him!

art,Rikku(c) me :iconmyo-senpai:
Pokehost App:Ocean Guardian- Miren by Myo-Senpai
Pokehost App:Ocean Guardian- Miren

Name: Miren ( Murireann)
Nickname: Little ocean bird (her guardian)
Gender: Female
Pokemon: Lugia 

Host type/Club: Swim team



She tries to keep people from getting upset or hurt their feelings, shes not one for seeing people hurt so she tries to do the right.

-Good natured

Miren is a very kind, friendly, and patient girl. No matter whats situation is going on shes always there to give a helping hand.


Miren has a very ''motherly'' side to her which makes her want to be very protective of her close friends... and even everyone else! (even if they dont want it)

-Self concious

Since Miren dosen't know were she came from and the fact that shes not rich like the other students shes a little self concious. She dosen't let it stop her from her classes her or doing whats right. Most of the time she keeps it to her self but sometimes she needs someone to lean on.


 Miren is highly intellegent and very studious. When she was younger because she didnt have any friends she spend most of her time in books, reading and learning.

History: Not much is know about Miren's past besides the fact that she was asleep for many, many years. One day a terrible storm came to japan causing alot of damage and destruction. An elderly woman had went to the beach after the storm to look for her dog, but found Miren's unconious body. She brought her back to her home and cared for her untill she woke up. When Miren awoke she couldnt remember anything, how she got to the beach of japan, or even were she had come from. For a few months the woman took care of her and tried to find her birth parents, but with no leads she decided to keep Miren as her grandaughter. At the age of 15 unlike other children who went out to the mall or stores Miren spent most of her time reading books, or being by the ocean. She didnt know why but it was always like home there for her. When school started back Miren focused on her schoolwork, mainly because the other students really didnt bother with her no matter how nice she was, they always thought she was different. This however paid off when she got a scholership to attend Ouran Private Highschool to better her education. Her grandmother was so proud of her and gladly wanted her to go, even when Miren wanted to deciline because she was worried about her. After a few days of talking Miren agreed to go to Ouran Highschool but decided to live in the dorms so her grandmother wouldnt have to pay for keeping her. Instead Miren got a part time job at a cofee shop to pay for her living and sending money to her grandmother. Now that shes attending Ouran she curious as to what future awaits her here. 


+The Ocean
+ Swimming
+ Singing by herself
+ Anything Ocean related (shells,animals,coral,ect.)
+ having alone time 
+ Sweets (cookies,cakes,icecream)

- Bullies
- Being too far away from the sea

- Seeing people hurt
- Very spicy foods
- Loosing control of her emotions
- People doing bad things to the sea (littering, polluting, ect.)

Sexual orientation: Heterosexual
Significant other: Single

- someone she can depend on
-Must love the Ocean
-Have a kind heart
-Dosen't mind her being protective

Relationships: will add when she meets people

- She's 5'5''

-Often goes to the beach to swim, exspecially if shes not feeling well

- If you give her a gift from the ocean she will literally love you forever!

- She has a thing were she makes up cute names for her friends. Like when she was little she was friends with a little Krabby and she called him "Mr. Pinchy Claws"

Miren(c)me :iconmyo-senpai:DO NOT STEAL

Owl by Myo-Senpai
just something I wanted to do to try and show off some realism ;w; plus I think owls are cute!

Art(c)me :iconmyo-senpai:
Pokehost: Rikku Yamazaki returns! by Myo-Senpai
Pokehost: Rikku Yamazaki returns!
 Name: Rikku Yamazakai
Nickname: Ri, Chibi-chan
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Pokemon: Minun
Height: 5'5"
Host type/Club: Cooking club! Heart


- Sweet

She is very kind hearted towards people,even strangers.


If she finds the person attractive she will flirt slightly, depending on their recation she will push it more. Rikku also loves to play games and tickle her close friends or her brother.


If you happen to walk into school one day with a boo boo then she will most likley kiss it and make it better XD She is very loving towards people in need, or people she cares about.

-Strong willed

She is able to push herself to suceed no matter what the issue, she's very determinded to do her best at anything she puts her mind to.


Rukki can not stand bullies and will intervein to protect the person being picked on, she is most protective of her boyfriend Kazeshini.


It takes ALOT to talk her out of something once she puts her mind to it, most of the time there is no stopping her.


Rukki has a very bad habbit of tripping over things, even air. So be warned if you walk down the hallway and you just so happen to see her walking by she might fall on you XD

History: She is the daughter of a famous movie star and a well know buisness man. Born thirty minutes behind her older brother Sora the two kids harldy left eachothers sides. Her parents were gone consatantly leaving her and her brother home alone on many accasions, because of this she is relyed on her brother alot as a child. Shortly after becoming a teenager she became more independent making new friends but still kept her brother close to her. While at Ouran academy she met a duskull named Kazeshini Grey who was her first friend. Soon the two became and item and she started to open up more, mainly towards him. Sadly shorting after getting together her father took her on a business trip with him to Ireland. Now she is back and ready to see her boyfriend that she has missed dearly.


+ Anything to do with home made pastories

+ Romantic comandy manga/anime

+ Rain storms

+ She loves to sing and dance

+ Cooking, Enjoys cooking for Kazeshini

+ commaners, she thinks they are just the neatest thing!


- burning food

- Her ears or tail being yanked on

-anyone who talks badly about or tries to hurt Kazeshini

- Wearing formal clothes

- When people put themselves down

Sexual orientation: Straight
Significant other: Kazeshini Grey Heart

 Bullet; Purple Relative
Bullet; White Neutral
Bullet; Yellow Acquaintance
Bullet; Green Friend
Bullet; Pink Love
Bullet; Orange Crush
Bullet; Red Discomfort
Bullet; Black Despise


 Bullet; Purple Sora Yamazaki- male/ : iconZero8426:  " He's my Onee-san! I love him to death and I don't know what I would do if anything happened to my Onee-san!"

Bullet; GreenBullet; GreenBullet; OrangeBullet; Pink Kazeshini Grey- Male/:iconvoice-like-crimson:  " My heart beats so fast when im around him.... I love him with all my heart..." *smiles*

Bullet; YellowBullet; GreenBullet; GreenBullet; GreenBullet; Green Kiku Miyamoto-Female/:iconvoice-like-crimson: " shes my best friend! We met in cooking club and we just hit it off! she really is an amazing cook!"

- When ever someone touchest her minus signs on her cheeks she calls them Shock kisses

-she is often seen talking to or about kaze, she hopes that they will have a long and happy relationship like in her romance manga's.

-When she hears a song she really likes she will start to dance and sing along!
- The necklace around her neck is a locket that Kazeshini gave her on their first date, shes has a picture of the two of them inside. She hardly takes it off

PokeHost: The Gator is back! Hano Sayaka by Myo-Senpai
PokeHost: The Gator is back! Hano Sayaka

Name: Sayaka Hano
Nickname: scary woman 
Gender: Female
Pokemon: Feraligatr

Host type/Club: wrestling club Captain



Shes able to make split second decisions without trouble. Which makes her a very good fighter


She curses a lot even at school, its just a bad habit of hers. she comes off rude to others but its just the way she was raised..


She  can and will cause harm to those who threaten, or try to attack her. Others think she goes around hurting people, but she never uses her fists without a good reason.


When she gets into fights she shows lost of aggression and intensity in the fight, its very hard to get her out of the fight until she knocks the person out.


 no matter how much trouble she gets in, or what the situation is she will always tell the truth about something either you like it or not.


she is very smart and gifted as far as learning things. That's why even with her bad behavior she's making all A's in her classes

History: Being the only child of two adult feraligatrs who owned a large military training organization. Her father wanted a boy but decided to train her to be a brute anyway to defend herself and to one day take over the company to train soldiers. As she grew older her father recognized her brutal fighting talents and granted her the heir to the business when she turned twenty five, she was pleased with knowing she brought honor to her family. She would often spend her time among the soldiers which is what caused her father coarse nature, learning many foul words. Among the soldiers she made friends with a male Nidoking  a few years older than her named Isamu. He was the one person who didn't find her scary, so she called him her brother.Now at the age of 19 she is attending Ouran private academy after getting kicked out of her last school over putting a kid in the hospital. No charges were pressed against her because the school had learned she was protecting a freshman from senior bullies. Although her actions were justified she was forced to switch schools because the students were terrified after hearing of the incident. While she was attending Ouran academy her father had sent her off to train with her "brother" Isamu. While away Isamu had managed to get her to open up to not being such a tomboy, and managed to get her into a few clothes that fit her figure. Now back to school she plans on trying to make friends with her new way of thinking and working harder in the wrestling club as captian.

+ Working out (wears the clothes in her picture)
+ Spicy food
+ rain
+ upbeat music 
+ having alone time 
+sun bathing
+ Training (wears the clothes in her picture)

- Crowds

-people that think their hot Sh*t because of their parents money

- sweet foods

-people who think they know her

-obnoxious people

- anyone mistreating isamu

Sexual orientation: Straight
Significant other: No one

- Someone who aint scared of her appearance

Relationships: will add when she meets people


-always at the gym after school

-likes to chew on things (straws, pencils, ect.)

- Isamu has managed to get her into a few form fitting things but still cant get her to wear makeup,skirts, or dresses.

- she wants to make friends but does not know how to

Sayaka(c)me :iconmyo-senpai:DO NOT STEAL

  • Mood: Big Grin
  • Listening to: nothin
  • Reading: The hobbit
  • Watching: nothin
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: tea
Hello everyone! Myo here and ready to draw again!! Thanks to my bestest friend :iconzero8426: who gave me her old tablet so I can do digital art again! Im currently staying with my nana's house were I have some internet so I can stay in contact with you guys. A few things I wanted you guys to know is that im going to try to maybe go back in for :iconpokehost: but im only going to be using my character Rikku, so I need to find a place for my other babys so help me out guys! Im looking to put them in a modern day pokemon Gijiika group. Im also going to only be keeping three of my oc's for :iconhappy-tails: im not sure what to do with the rest of the characters... might just do a point auction for them or something ^^' but I wanted to keep you guys updated! Hope to hear from you guys!

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